With our national partners we make recycling your branded uniform or merchandise easy.

Recycling branded workwear

Your branded workwear needs to be handled securely once it’s reached the end of its use within your business. Through our recycling partners, your workwear is securely shredded and reused in other products. This prevents the need for new materials to be produced and diverts the clothing garments from landfill.

  • Contact us with the products you want to recycle, the quantity of each and the fabric used in them (For example 65% Cotton 35% Polyester or 100% cotton).
  • Once the inventory to be recycled is approved, we will arrange our partner recyclers to collect from you and recycle it securely for you.
  • Once the garments have been processed, you will receive a certificate of destruction.

Why recycle your workwear?

Over time, workwear suffers wear and tear and is no longer presentable and fit for use. Recycling can be a better option to sending to landfill.

  • Improve your sustainability goals with a circular approach to workwear.
  • Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.
  • Ensure old uniforms are not used inappropriately – protect your brand.

We use a variety of recycling processes. The way your workwear is recycled depends on its composition.

Filling and Insulation
Garments are shredded using a mechanical process and/or combed to produce shoddy, this is made into a ‘non-woven’ pad or felt. Repurpose Uses: filling or insulation.

The product is re-spun into a new fabric. This only works with 100% cotton with a long fibre length. Repurpose Uses: recycled cotton garments and home building materials.


Fibre-to-Fibre (F2F)
For this process, fabrics must be made from a single material, therefore is suitable for 100% cotton garments.

Energy-from-waste (EFW)
Suitable for blended fabrics and/or where no other recycling route is possible. This is the process of generating electricity and/or heat from the waste and prevents the waste materials from ending up in landfill

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