Embroidered clothing

Our embroidery house has state of the art machines allowing us to offer you great quality at flexible turn around and great prices. The price of an embroidery is determined by how many stitches is in the design, more stitches mean the embroidery is on the machine longer, so costs more to produce. Most of the garments in our shop can be embroidered

Screen Printing

To get the best cost efficiency with screen printing, you must have at least 25 garments, whether they be hi-vis vests, tee shirts or hoodies etc.

Screen Printing is the method of creating a stencil (screen) to accurately press layers of ink through to let each colour sit on your shirt one colour at a time. Screen printing is the best option to obtain full vibrancy of colours when printing on to dark shirts. Screen printing is ideal for large bulk orders.

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

With DTG there is no need for screen production or set ups – we take the design straight from your artwork, and print it to the clothing. This is a great method for t-shirts that require high amounts of printed detail and no minimum quantities you can even have just one. It is not heat transfer vinyl or screen printing and not all garments are suitable for DTG printing, and the best results (and cheaper costs) are on white or light coloured shirts.

Vinyl transfer

As you would see used on football shirts, for sponsor prints or numbers it is a great way of producing images text and a variety of styles that may not be suitable with any other method. We only use the best print product and is washable up to 80 degrees for our super trans. Does it come off? no, once its on, its on (not for industrial laundry or ironing)). The advantage of this method is if you need a small amount but with full colour printing then it gives you the option similar to DTG but allows it to be printed on many more types of garment, i.e. polyester, nylon, canvas etc and also you aren’t limited to just light garments for vibrant results. These can also be done other finishes such as gloss, matt and glitter print.

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