Stuck with expensive, inefficient laundry?
At last, an effective pay as you go laundry service

When you purchase workwear from Bild Laundry, you have access to our unique laundry service. We work with you devise the correct rota of wash and return so that your staff are always hygienically presented.

We are fully accountable for the quality and level of our service – you can always talk to someone regarding your service and any problems are always dealt with promptly and efficiently.

How does Bild Laundry work?

  • Bild Workwear will source and supply suitable styles and quantities of garments to be purchased and owned fully by your organisation.
  • Bild Workwear will manage the Laundry Service and always be a point of contact giving continual access to customer service staff who act immediately to provide effective solutions should problems arise.
  • Our laundry service consists of the following: Collection, delivery and laundry – including wash, steam, press and individually pack in sealed polythene.

The finer detail

This is a commercial laundry operation and launders garments to hygiene standards required for food preparation and meat cutting and production establishments. For industrial workwear, we use the correct detergents and temperatures to effectively remove grease and oil whilst caring for the garments.

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Collection and Delivery

As part of our service, we will collect soiled and deliver laundered garments to your premises.


We count the garments in at the laundry on an itemised computer listing, including the name of the person who checked them in. A bundle number is generated.

Each bundle is logged on a spreadsheet which is printed at the end of every month to generate a total.

A monthly invoice is produced by Bild Workwear for the itemised laundry.


We will use:

Commercial laundry grade colour care soap and colour care bleach where applicable which will prolong the life of the garments.

Emulsifiers to break down grease

Bacti-Link in the last rinse to help prevent mildew (in Summer, the chance of mildew is higher and the Bacti-Link will preserve the garments)

Softeners if necessary


Garments are conditioned in drying machines – a light tumble dry that will leave the garments damp and ready for…

Press room

Press and fold

Cooled to save sweating


Sealed and packed individually and a barrier against contamination.

Put into transit sacks after being signed off by packing department.

* Adjustments are made for Bank Holidays – continual supply of laundered garments is ensured throughout the year.

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